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6A-5A Neshoba Central
4A Newton County
3A Choctaw Central
2A Baldwyn
1A Hamilton

Class III Southaven
Class II  Lake Cormorant
Class 1  Our Lady Academy

Class II Girls Tupelo
Class II Boys Tupelo
Class I Girls St. Andrews
Class I Boys Madison St. Joe

6A Girls Tupelo
6A Boys Tupelo
5A Girls Saltillo
5A Boys Oxford
4A Girls Pontotoc
4A Boys Pontotoc
3A Girls Choctaw Central
3A Boys St. Andrews
2A Girls New Site
2A Boys JZ George
1A Girls Myrtle
1A Boys Hickory Flat

6A Oak Grove
5A Picayune
4A Forrest County AHS
3A Louisville
2A Bassfield
1A French Camp

6A Boys Madison Central
6A Girls Madison Central
5A Boys Pearl
5A Girls West Jones
4A Boys St. Stanislaus
4A Girls NE Jones
1A/2A/3A Boys St. Patrick
1A/2A/3A Girls Sacred Heart

6A Girls Horn Lake
6A Boys Gulfport
5A Girls Natchez
5A Boys Callaway
4A Girls Itawamba AHS
4A Boys McComb
3A Girls Booneville
3A Boys Velma Jackson
2A Girls HW Byers
2A Boys SV Marshall
1A Girls Mound Bayou JFK
1A Boys Shaw

Class I Girls Tremont
Class I Boys TCPS
Class II Girls Tupelo
Class II Boys Tupelo

6A Madison Central
5A Oxford
4A Pontotoc
3A SE Lauderdale
2A East Union
1A Bogue Chitto

Class III Meridian
Class II Velma Jackson
Class I Calhoun City

6A Ocean Springs
5A Oxford
4A New Albany
3A St. Andrews
2A East Webster
1A Greenville St. Joe

6A Boys Madison Central
5A Boys Germantown
4A Boys St. Stanislaus
3A Boys St. Patrick
2A Boys Baldwyn
1A Boys St. Aloysius
III Girls Warren Central
II Girls New Hope
I Girls St. Aloysius

Track and Field
6A Girls Clinton
6A Boys Harrison Central
5A Girls Canton
5A Boys Oxford
4A Girls Lafayette County
4A Boys McComb
3A Girls Wilkinson County
3A Boys Tylertown
2A Girls JZ George
2A Boys Bassfield
1A Girls Mound Bayou JFK
1A Boys Hinds AHS

6A Oak Grove
5A New Hope
4A West Lauderdale
3A Kossuth
2A Taylorsville
1A Smithville

Fast-Pitch Softball
6A Harrison Central
5A Neshoba Central
4A Newton County
3A St. Patrick
2A East Webster
1A Bogue Chitto


Girls Jackson Prep
Boys Jackson Prep

AAACopiah Academy
AA  Bayou Academy
A    Franklin Academy

I Girls Jackson Prep
I Boys Jackson Prep 
II Girls Laurel Christian
II Boys  

AAA Girls Presbyterian Christian
AAA Boys Jackson Prep
AA Girls Canton Academy
AA Boys Silliman Institute
A Girls DeSoto School
A Boys Chamberlain-Hunt

AAA-I Jackson Prep
AAA-II Lamar School
AA Simpson Academy
A Trinity Episcopal
8 Man Sharkey-Issaquena

Overall Girls Presbyterian Christian
Overall Boys MRA
AAA Girls Presbyterian Christian
AAA Boys Jackson Academy
AA Girls Leake Academy
AA Boys Simpson Academy
A Girls Claiborne Academy
A Boys Cenla Christian

AAA Boys Jackson Prep
AA Boys Manchester Academy

AAA Boys Jackson Prep
AAA Girls Jackson Prep

Track and Field
AAA Girls Jackson Academy
AAA Boys Preesbyterian Christian
AA Girls Canton Academy
AA Boys Centreville Academy
A Girls Veritas School
A Boys Mt. Salus Christian

AAA-I Jackson Prep
AAA-II Magnolia Heights
AA Central Private
A Franklin Academy

Football Players of Week
Please send me your nominations for Football Players of Week. I will select one MHSAA and one MAIS Football Player for each week. Please include player's stats for the game that week. Deadline is each Monday by 6:00 p.m.

Fab 15 Advertising Special
To all Fab 15 Parents and Supporters: We are running a Fab 15 Ad/Sponsor Special in which family, friends, schools, teams, and booster clubs can post a congratulations ad/sponsor for each Fab 15 player. The cost is $60 for an ad with a photo. This ad will run for the duration of your sport season.  This special is for all sports.

Starting in August with football, we will be using a new interactive score system called ScoreStream.
This is a fan friendly system in which you can add your scores directly.  Please get this app from App Store called ScoreStream.

King Recruiting Services
I am starting a Recruiting Services Firm to provide services to recruits' and their families.
If any student-athletes need help with recruiting process. We will assist with writing/sending letters, sending video, filling out questionnaires, and other help you might need. I have been active and involved with the recruiting process for over 25 years. I have many contacts throughout the nation.
Please contact me. or 662-816-1126

Motivational Speaking
In July, I will start to do some motivational speaking for the public. I will be primarily speaking for booster clubs, awards banquets, sports organizations, civic organizations, and Fellowship of Christian Athletes.
If interested in obtaining my services, please contact me.

Recruiting Video
New Video Policy
In order to add a video link to name on players to watch list, there is now a $25 annual charge.
This is for all sports.
Please send payment to:
Jeff King 142 Road 370 Nettleton, MS 38858
Please email Hudl/YouTube Link to:

Attention to all MHSAA and MAIS Schools:
Please consider adding the link to High School Sports in MS website to your school's and/or athletic website.

Jeffkcoach Quotes for the Day
Wednesday, August 20, 2014:
"Live each day like it was your last. The past is gone and tomorrow isn't guaranteed."
~ David Rhodes

"Never get so busy making a living that you forget to make a life."
~ Joyce Meyer

Tuesday August 19 MHSAA Slow-Pitch Scores
East Union9Falkner4
East Webster19South Pontotoc2
Hatley4Itawamba AHS1
Houston14Calhoun City7
Lawrence County3Bogue Chitto1
Louisville9Leake Central6
Madison Central8Warren Central3
Newton County12Clarkdale2
North Pontotoc14Houlka2
NW Rankin11Florence1
NW Rankin11Puckett1
Petal1Harrison Central0
Pine Grove7Walnut4
Pisgah15Velma Jackson0
South Panola4Independence0
Taylorsville15South Jones9
Tishomingo County16Oxford0
Wayne County10NE Jones0
West Lauderdale17Enterprise Clarke7
West Lincoln13Franklin County2

Tuesday August 19 MAIS Fast-Pitch Scores
Amite School Center10Adams Co. Christian9
Bayou Academy4North Delta1
Brookhaven Academy8Prentiss Christian3
Carroll Academy13Humphreys Academy1
Carroll Academy13Humphreys Academy0
Central Holmes13Sharkey-Issaquena1
Copiah Academy13Heidelberg Academy0
East Rankin Academy8Benton Academy6
Franklin Academy11Tallulah Academy3
Hillcrest Christian13Starkville Academy2
Indianola Academy15Kirk Academy2
Lamar Christian5Bens Ford Christian4
Leake Academy3Tri-County Academy1
Macon Central Acad.3Kemper Academy1
Magnolia Heights13Jackson Academy3
Marshall Academy13Marvell Academy1
MRA9Heritage Academy6
Oak Forest Academy6Silliman Institute2
Park Place Christian15Simpson Academy3
Parklane Academy6Columbia Academy2
Pillow Academy10Washington School0
Porters Chapel15Veritas School0
Sylva Bay Academy5Wayne Academy1
Tunica Academy13West Memphis Chr.1
Winona Christian9Lee MS Academy1
Winston Academy4Canton Academy3

Tuesday August 19 MHSAA Volleyball Scores
Alcorn Central3Potts Camp0
Belmont3Water Valley0
Brandon3Warren Central0
Center Hill3Southaven1
Choctaw County3Aberdeen2
Cleveland3Yazoo County0
Clinton3Greenville Weston0
Harrison Central3Long Beach1
Hernando3HW Byers0
Jackson Academy3St. Andrews0
Lake Cormorant3Horn Lake1
Lewisburg2Olive Branch0
Lewisburg2Lafayette County0
Madison Central3Starkville0
Madison St. Joe3Magee0
New Hope3West Lowndes0
Oak Grove3Petal0
Olive Branch2Lafayette County1
Our Lady Academy3Ocean Springs2
Tupelo3New Albany0
West Marion3East Marion2

Monday August 18 MAIS Fast-Pitch Scores
Bayou Academy15Winona Christian2
Canton Academy8Oak Hill Academy3
Carroll Academy9Benton Academy0
Central Hinds9Adams Co. Christian2
Central Holmes12Humphreys Academy0
Centreville Academy4Bowling Green2
Copiah Academy4Jackson Prep2
Franklin Academy7Tensas Academy0
Hebron Christian17Starkville Academy4
Heidelberg Academy12Sylva Bay Academy0
Hillcrest Christian18Manchester Academy2
Indianola Academy8Lee MS Academy2
Marshall Academy5Tunica Academy1
MRA8Jackson Victors3
Park Place Christian12Jackson Academy3
Parklane Academy10Oak Forest Academy3
River Oaks School11Union Christian10
Riverfield Academy11Prairie View Academy8
Sharkey-Issaquena10Rebul Academy4
Simpson Academy15Hartfield Academy0
Tallulah Academy3WCCA1
Tri-County Academy10Winston Academy1

Monday August 18 MHSAA Slow-Pitch Scores
Madison Central4North Pike3
Nanih Waiya8Kosciusko5
Noxapater15French Camp8

Monday August 18 MHSAA Volleyball Scores
Bolivar Central TN3Alcorn Central0
Hardin County TN3Alcorn Central0
Lafayette County3New Albany0
Northpointe Chr.3Desoto Central0

Saturday August 16 MHSAA Football Jamboree Scores
Crystal Springs8Lanier6
Hernando21Center Hill7
Holmes County26Jim Hill6
Louisville7West Point7
Marshall Academy14Falkner13
New Hope20 Greenville Weston0
Noxubee County35Forest6
Saltillo14North Pontotoc7
Water Valley14Corinth13
Winona34Potts Camp0

Saturday August 16 MAIS Football Jamboree Score
Marshall Academy14Falkner13

Saturday August 16 MHSAA Slow-Pitch Scores
Belmont11Tishomingo County4
Biggersville7Blue Mountain4
Booneville3East Union0
Clarkdale6South Pontotoc5
East Webster22Bruce0
East Webster19Grenada1
Hattiesburg11North Forrest1
Itawamba AHS13Kemper County2
Jumpertown14Blue Mountain0
Kosciusko5French Camp0
Louisville8Nanih Waiya6
Lumberton8North Forrest7
Mooreville17Itawamba AHS2
Myrtle15Hickory Flat0
NE Jones19Taylorsville1
NE Jones6Stringer4
Neshoba Central11Quitman1
Neshoba Central4NW Rankin1
Newton County6Union3
Newton County14Quitman0
North Pontotoc8Kossuth3
North Pontotoc17Kossuth14
Noxapater11Nanih Waiya10
Saltillo13Kemper County3
Stringer15West Jones0
Tishomingo County4Mantachie3
Tupelo15Pine Grove4
West Lauderdale9Petal4
West Lauderdale12NW Rankin1
West Lincoln10Lawrence County8
West Lincoln4Brookhaven1
West Union18Hickory Flat1
West Union2Myrtle2

Saturday August 16 MAIS Fast-Pitch Scores
Adams Co. Christian7Bowling Green4
Amite School Center8Central Private1
Bayou Academy9MRA4
Bayou Academy10Jackson Prep9
Carroll Academy4Adams Co. Christian1
Central Hinds15West Memphis Chr.0
Central Hinds5Porters Chapel2
Central Hinds9Heidelberg Academy0
Central Holmes12Sharkey-Issaquena5
Central Holmes7Briarfield Academy3
Central Holmes10Lee MS Academy2
Clinton Christian6Jackson Victors3
Clinton Christian5Canton Academy2
Copiah Academy9Bayou Academy0
Copiah Academy3Magnolia Heights1
Copiah Academy16Washington School4
Deer Creek12Sharkey-Issaquena0
Delta Academy10Starkville Academy4
East Rankin Academy4Presbyterian Chr.3
East Rankin Academy3Clinton Christian0
East Rankin Academy12Veritas School1
East Rankin Academy4Central Hinds3
East Rankin Academy6Tri-County Academy5
Heidelberg Academy12Porters Chapel8
Heidelberg Academy17Presbyterian Chr.4
Heritage Academy16Starkville Academy1
Heritage Academy6Delta Academy0
Hillcrest Christian4Simpson Academy1
Lee MS Academy7Briarfield Academy6
Lee MS Academy7Deer Creek6
Magnolia Heights3Jackson Prep2
Magnolia Heights8MRA3
MRA7Washington School2
MRA13Newton Co. Academy5
Oak Forest Academy8Amite School Center3
Oak Forest Academy18Central Private3
Park Place Christian9Veritas School3
Park Place Christian15West Memphis Chr.1
Park Place Christian9Clinton Christian0
Park Place Christian9Tri-County Academy1
Park Place Christian5East Rankin Academy0
Parklane Academy4Oak Forest Academy0
Parklane Academy14Central Private2
Parklane Academy10Amite School Center0
Porters Chapel12Canton Academy7
Prairie View Academy5Glenbrook School2
Prairie View Academy1Franklin Academy0
Presbyterian Chr.7Jackson Victors1
Riverfield Academy7Union Christian1
Silliman Institute7Carroll Academy2
Silliman Institute8Adams Co. Christian0
Silliman Institute4Parklane Academy2
Silliman Institute11Bowling Green0
Simpson Academy1Hillcrest Christian0
Tri-County Academy8Central Hinds1
Tri-County Academy5East Rankin Academy4
Tri-County Academy3Heidelberg Academy1
Union Christian6Claiborne Academy4
Union Christian7Glenbrook School2
Washington School7Jackson Prep6
Winona Christian5Heritage Academy4
Winona Christian10Newton Co. Academy5

Saturday August 16 MHSAA Volleyball Scores
Biloxi2Long Beach0
Biloxi2West Harrison0
Center Hill2NW Rankin0
Clinton2Olive Branch0
Columbia2West Marion0
Harrison Central2Long Beach0
Lake Cormorant2Oak Grove0
Lewisburg2Jackson Academy0
Lewisburg2Ocean Springs1
Long Beach2D'Iberville1
Madison Central2Long Beach0
Madison Central2Biloxi1
Madison St. Joe2Center Hill0
McComb2Warren Central1
Ocean Springs2Starkville1
Ocean Springs2Southaven0
Ocean Springs2Jackson Academy0
Olive Branch2Tupelo0
Ridgeland2Warren Central0
Senatobia2St. Andrews0

Friday August 15 MHSAA Football Jamboree Scores
Bay Springs49Newton0
Benton County20Durant0
Caledonia32West Lowndes0
D’Iberville14St. Stanislaus14
Desoto CentralDefeatedByhalia
East Webster21Hamilton13
Eupora12Leake Central6
George County17West Lauderdale0
Greenville St. Joe7Leland6
Hancock14Perry Central6
Hattiesburg18NW Rankin14
Horn Lake14Lewisburg14
Houston9Bessemer Academy AL8
Jackson Academy6Warren Central0
JZ George12Greenville St. Joe6
JZ George6O’Bannon6
Lafayette County7Amory0
Lawrence County20Franklin County0
Madison Central7Ridgeland0
Meridian16Neshoba Central0
MRA7Warren Central6
Nanih Waiya18Enterprise Clarke14
New Albany14Kossuth12
North Panola30Booneville0
North Pike14Tylertown7
Oak Grove16McComb0
Oxford14South Panola10
Pass Christian23Long Beach7
Pelahatchie12Hillcrest Christian0
Pelahatchie14St. Andrews0
Southaven24Lake Cormorant6
South Pontotoc8Pontotoc7
St. Andrews14Central Hinds0
St. Martin28Gautier7
St. Patrick14Sacred Heart0
Starkville Academy34Noxapater0
Taylorsville26Kemper County0
Tupelo12Itawamba AHS0
Warren Central7Simpson Academy6
Wayne County14Petal0
Wesson35Bogue Chitto0
West Bolivar8Shaw6
West Jones15Quitman7

Friday August 15 MAIS Football Jamboree Scores
Acadiana Christian LA12Central Private8
Brookhaven Academy21Porters Chapel0
CHEF LA28Union Christian0
Hillcrest Christian8Porters Chapel0
Jackson Academy6Warren Central0
Jackson Academy8Lamar School0
Lamar School0Simpson Academy0
MRA7Warren Central6
Oak Hill Academy0Pickens Academy AL0
Pelahatchie12Hillcrest Christian0
Riverfield Academy14Riverdale Academy0
Riverfield Academy19Claiborne Academy0
Silliman Institute22Bens Ford Christian8
South Choctaw41Wayne Academy6
Starkville Academy34Noxapater0
St. Andrews14Central Hinds0
University Academy (Cenla)22Glenbrook School0
Warren Central7Simpson Academy6

Friday August 15 MHSAA Volleyball Scores
Lake Cormorant2Clinton0
Lake Cormorant2Hattiesburg0
Lewisburg2Olive Branch0
NW Rankin2Olive Branch0
Our Lady Academy2Tupelo0
St. Andrews2Corinth1
St. Andrews2Warren Central0
Warren Central2Cleveland0

Friday August 15 MAIS Fast-Pitch Scores
Copiah Academy13East Rankin Academy1
Simpson Academy4Brookhaven Academy0

Thursday August 14 MAIS Fast-Pitch Scores
Amite School Center9Centreville Academy0
Delta Academy9Deer Creek1
Glenbrook School7Tensas Academy6
Heidelberg Academy6Newton Co. Academy2
Hillcrest Christian12Brookhaven Academy0
Jackson Victors 16Jackson Academy10
Leake Academy6Winston Academy1
Magnolia Heights6Marshall Academy0
Manchester Academy17Washington School8
Park Place Christian25Hartfield Academy0
Parklane Academy4Presbyterian Chr.0
Pillow Academy8Central Holmes0
Porters Chapel15Rebul Academy0
Prairie View Academy16Riverdale Academy0
Prairie View Academy13River Oaks0
Riverfield Academy4Union Christian0
Starkville Academy8Kemper Academy3

Thursday August 14 MAIS Football Jamboree Scores
Franklin Academy16NE Baptist LA0
Indianola Academy21Winona Christian0
Indianola Academy7Bayou Academy0
Leake Academy14Hartfield Academy0
Leake Academy7Newton Co. Academy6
Manchester Academy6Newton Co. Academy6
North Delta0Winona Christian0
North Delta13Kirk Academy0
Tallulah Academy14Tensas Academy0
Tallulah Academy6Franklin Academy0
Tensas Academy20NE Baptist LA16
Tensas Academy8Franklin Academy6
Tri-County Academy14Hartfield Academy0
Tri-County Academy7Manchester Academy0

Thursday August 14 MHSAA Volleyball Scores
Bay St. Louis3Long Beach1
Cleveland East Side3Greenwood0
Lafayette County3Cleveland0
Lewisburg3Horn Lake0
Pontotoc3Water Valley0
Warren Central3Vicksburg0
West Marion3Seminary2

Wednesday August 13 MAIS Fast-Pitch Scores
Lee MS Academy19Kirk Academy2
MRA10Jackson Academy0
Parklane Academy5Jackson Prep4
Silliman Institute11Bowling Green0
Trinity Episcopal6Tallulah Academy0

Tuesday August 12 MAIS Fast-Pitch Scores
Amite School Center10Tensas Academy3
Bayou Academy13Indianola Academy6
Brookhaven Academy11Jackson Victors3
Carroll Academy6Central Holmes0
Clinton Christian11Rebul Academy0
Columbia Academy4Jackson Prep3
Copiah Academy15Central Hinds0
Franklin Academy7Riverfield Academy1
Heidelberg Academy7Lamar Christian0
Leake Academy7Manchester Academy5
Macon Central Acad.8Calhoun Academy6
Magnolia Heights15Heritage Academy0
North Delta11Winona Christian4
Silliman Institute5Oak Forest Academy1
Sylva Bay Academy10Canton Academy1
Union Christian3Prairie View Academy2

Tuesday August 12 MHSAA Volleyball Scores
Choctaw County3West Lowndes0
Cleveland East Side3Greenville Weston0
Desoto Central3Lewisburg0
Lafayette County3Ripley1
Long Beach3Pass Christian0
Madison Central3Germantown0
Oxford3South Panola0
Ridgeland3Warren Central1
St. Andrews3MRA1
Tishomingo County3Amory0

Monday August 11 MAIS Fast-Pitch Scores
Glenbrook School5Riverfield Academy4
Indianola Academy8North Delta0
Macon Central Acad. 6Heritage Academy1
Tunica Academy12Marvell Academy2
Union Christian16Briarfield Academy5
Winona Christian18Kirk Academy8

Saturday August 9 MAIS Fast-Pitch Scores
Amite School Center7Heidelberg Academy2
Amite School Center4Columbia Academy0
Amite School Center8Franklin Academy1
Amite School Center6WCCA1
Bayou Academy4Marshall Academy1
Bayou Academy3North Delta0
Bayou Academy10Marshall Academy2
Bowling Green5Centreville Academy1
Bowling Green5Brookhaven Academy1
Canton Academy13Benton Academy0
Central Hinds6Canton Academy1
Central Hinds3University Academy0
Central Holmes16Strider Academy0
Central Holmes8Manchester Academy7
Central Private5Adams Co. Christian2
Centreville Academy11WCCA0
Centreville Academy5Trinity Episcopal2
Clinton Christian3Central Holmes2
Columbia Academy6Silliman Institute3
Columbia Academy13Tensas Academy2
Columbia AcademyDefeatedCentral Private
Columbia AcademyDefeatedBowling Green
Franklin Academy2Centreville Academy1
Heidelberg Academy3Oak Forest Academy0
Heidelberg Academy14Bowling Green3
Heidelberg Academy11Copiah Academy JV0
Indianola Academy7Clinton Christian2
Indianola Academy10Central Holmes0
Magnolia Heights4Bayou Academy3
Magnolia Heights8Tri-County Academy7
Magnolia Heights13Tri-County Academy5
Magnolia Heights5Bayou Academy2
Manchester Academy11Indianola Academy7
Manchester Academy8Indianola Academy7
Manchester Academy12Clinton Christian1
Marshall Academy9Greenville Christian2
North Delta7Tunica Academy4
Oak Forest Academy6Adams Co. Christian0
Oak Forest Academy5Brookhaven Academy3
Pillow Academy6Winona Christian5
Pillow Academy12Winona Christian4
Pillow Academy6Heritage Academy0
Pillow Academy6Calhoun Academy0
Prairie View Academy7Benton Academy1
Silliman Institute8Heidelberg Academy4
Silliman Institute12Columbia Academy2
Silliman Institute13Tensas Academy2
Silliman Institute7Silliman Institute JV1
Silliman Institute3Franklin Academy1
Silliman Institute15Amite School Center3
Silliman Institute15Copiah Academy JV1
Tri-County Academy7Tunica Academy2
Tri-County Academy3Marshall Academy2
Tunica Academy10Greenville Christian1
Union Christian13Briarfield Academy2
Union Christian10River Oaks2
Winona Christian6Calhoun Academy2
Winona Christian13Kirk Academy0
Winona Christian4Heritage Academy2

Saturday August 9 MHSAA Volleyball Scores
New Albany2Water Valley0
New Hope2New Albany1
Pontotoc2South Panola0
St. Martin2Gautier0
West Marion2Seminary1

Saturday August 9 MHSAA Slow-Pitch Jamboree Scores
Choctaw Central1NE Lauderdale1
Choctaw Central5West Lauderdale4
East Union3Tupelo0
East Union4Belmont0

Friday August 8 MAIS Fast-Pitch Scores
Bayou Academy5Tunica Academy0
Benton Academy13Sharkey-Issaquena1
Benton Academy16Sharkey-Issaquena0
Clinton Christian9Manchester Academy8
Copiah Academy10MRA0
DeSoto School15Lee AR Academy6
Jackson Prep4Carroll Academy0
Macon Central Acad.6Winston Academy4
Magnolia Heights18Greenville Christian0
Marshall Academy4North Delta2
Parklane Academy18Brookhaven Academy3
Prentiss Christian7Rebul Academy0
Tri-County Academy15Oak Hill Academy3
Tri-County Academy11Oak Hill Academy1

Thursday August 7 MAIS Fast-Pitch Scores
Amite School Center12Trinity Episcopal3
Copiah Academy7Parklane Academy1
Deer Creek7North Sunflower5
Heidelberg Academy8Simpson Academy0
Heritage Academy10Hebron Christian1
Hillcrest Christian13Brookhaven Academy6
Jackson Prep4East Rankin Academy2
Manchester Academy11Canton Academy1
Prairie View Academy19Tensas Academy4
Prairie View Academy5Tensas Academy0
Prentiss Christian15Rebul Academy2
Silliman Institute13Centreville Academy1
Sylva Bay Academy13Lamar Christian0
Tallulah Academy20WCCA4
Tri-County Academy7Park Place Christian6
Trinity Episcopal7Amite School Center6
Union Christian13Glenbrook School3
Washington School4Indianola Academy0

Wednesday August 6 MAIS Fast-Pitch Scores
Carroll Academy19Kirk Academy1
Jackson Prep14Jackson Academy5
North Delta3Magnolia Heights0

Tuesday August 5 MAIS Fast-Pitch Scores
Amite School Center13Prentiss Christian2
Bayou Academy13Benton Academy1
Canton Academy4Winston Academy3
Carroll Academy19Sharkey-Issaquena2
Columbia Academy6Centreville Academy0
Copiah Academy6Oak Forest Academy1
Franklin Academy5Prairie View Academy1
Franklin Academy10Prairie View Academy2
Glenbrook School16Riverdale Academy4
Greenville Christian7Deer Creek6
Hillcrest Christian8Jackson Academy2
Indianola Academy7Central Holmes1
Macon Central Acad.20Hebron Christian7
Magnolia Heights12Starkville Academy0
Manchester Academy13Oak Hill Academy3
Marshall Academy15Lee AR Academy0
MRA7Washington School4
Newton Co. Academy9Kemper Academy1
Pillow Academy2Heritage Academy0
Porters Chapel15Tallulah Academy0
Riverfield Academy16Tensas Academy8
Simpson Academy6Heidelberg Academy4
Sylva Bay Academy16Lamar Christian0
Tunica Academy4DeSoto School0

Monday August 4 MAIS Fast-Pitch Scores
Amite School Center14Bens Ford Christian0
Brookhaven Academy11Trinity Episcopal8
Centreville Academy10Central Private4
Claiborne Academy5Glenbrook School2
Hebron Christian19Starkville Academy12
Heidelberg Academy13Wayne Academy1
Heritage Academy7Oak Hill Academy4
Indianola Academy7Calhoun Academy3
Lee MS Academy11Marvell Academy4
Lee MS Academy9Delta Academy4
Manchester Academy20Benton Academy11
Marshall Academy7Lee AR Academy2
Oak Forest Academy14Bowling Green1
Parklane Academy17East Rankin Academy2
Pillow Academy17Kirk Academy2
Riverfield Academy5Porters Chapel0
Tunica Academy16West Memphis Chr.0
Winona Christian15North Sunflower1

Please text all scores to 662-816-1126 after each game. Please email all schedules to
Craig Martin, D.M.D
General Dentistry
1001 East Main Street
Philadelphia, MS 39350
(601) 656-3366

"I Can Do All Things Through Christ Which Strengtheneth Me."  Phillipians. 4:13
Congratulations to Tristen Beith and Ali Shelton for being selected Fab 15!

From Benton Academy